What's New at The Hill Has Eyes

Experience a whole new level of fear this year with our brand new haunt Containment. In this terror-inducing attraction, you will be led underground into a top secret government facility where something has gone horribly wrong – without knowing it, you’ve stumbled upon a terrifying world of human experimentation, claustrophobia, and death! This terrifying haunt is sure to send chills through anyone who would dare to enter. B… Read Full Details
This season, we have created a one of a kind funhouse that bends your mind.  Giving chaos and claustrophobia, a whole new meaning.  We introduce you to the mutant’s version of “clowns” and force you through our funhouse, to ultimately prepare you for our “Final Show.” CARNIvore will help prepare you for the most phenomenal, most extraordinary, most unimaginable show that you have ever experienced… Read Full Details
Improvements! Improvements!! Improvements!!! We’ve kept the best part (being Hooded) and expanded upon the rest – we’ve extended this haunt three times over. You’ll be BLOWN away by the improvements made in Hooded! This year, you’ll get to experience what it’s like entering a Military “quarantine zone” before being led into the walled off community of the mutated hillbillies and their was… Read Full Details
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