Hunger Hollow

Deep in the chemical soaked remains of the Milwaukee landfill, the mutant cannibal hillbillies abandoned their last shred of humanity, giving in fully to their hunger for human flesh. When you stumble into Hunger Hollow, you’ll see the captured skinned alive, butchered and eaten before your eyes, assuming you’re lucky enough not to be an appetizer yourself. Don’t be dessert, though, because the butcher is always trying new ways to serve up delicacies carved from living victims.

In Hunger Hollow, you are either feeder or food. The mutants recognize one another by their shared ravenous hunger for flesh. Those who don’t partake in the feeding frenzy are taken, strapped to the spit and picked apart as they roast. The mutants like their meat “still kicking.” Will you foolishly try to save your own skin, abandoning your humanity and joining the abominable feast? You can try to run, but what you find next will rob you of whatever faith you have yet remaining.

At last, the deepest depravity of the mutants is revealed. Rising in defiance against a god who could have allowed them to suffer their tortured lives, they turned to the abyss. The wretched mutants stared deep into it and found the bottom of the abyss within themselves. The Devil rose among them and demanded they sacrifice to him the souls of their human prey. The scraps of their bodies bathed in fire, the cursed dead find no rest here. They rise once more as zombies in waking undeath, doomed to roam the grounds, demonically tied to the land for eternity.

There is no escape from Hunger Hollow. To enter is to become like them, forfeiting your humanity either willingly or by force. All souls are offered freely to The Demon and all exits lead to his realm.


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