Haunted Houses in the Milwaukee Area: Best Wisconsin Haunt 2017

Tired of going to the same haunted house every Halloween? Experience true horror at The Hill Has Eyes, Milwaukee's best haunted attraction. Featuring a hooded entrance to two haunted trails, a ride on a run-down chair lift and CARNIvore, the devil's carnival. Join Wisconsin's mutated humans at The Hill Has Eyes beer tent for nightly music and bonfires.


They’re watching you. From their chemical waste-ridden trailer park to the junkyard where they hold their satanic rituals, they’re watching and waiting for you. They want you to think this is just Milwaukee’s best haunted attraction. They want you to think you’ll meet up with your friends at the bonfire after having a good time on the trails. They want you to think you’ve seen it all and nothing can scare you. They want you to think you’re going home tonight. If you think this is just another haunted house, you’re wrong. They’re watching you, and waiting. Once you step into their world, you’ll be theirs. There is no escape. There is no mercy. There is only The Hill, and The Hill Has Eyes.


Forget the same old haunted houses. This October, Milwaukee’s scariest haunt is The Hill Has Eyes. With two terrifying haunted trails and a zombie-infested thrill ride, The Hill will scare you witless. Dodge the mutant hillbillies in Failed Escape or risk becoming one of their tortured “pets.” Tread lightly through Hunger Hollow or risk alerting one of the chainsaw-wielding cannibals. Keep your skin and dare to escape a fate worse than death. If you somehow survive the haunted trails, ride the Scare Lift up The Hill, but don’t look down. The zombies below are always looking for fresh victims.


The lucky few to escape will find a safe place to unwind at out nightly bonfire parties. Enjoy snacks and refreshments at our outdoor beer tent, or chill out by the bonfire. We have live music every night under the stars.


Parking is always free. Buy tickets online before they sell out and join the mutant hillbilly cannibals at Milwaukee’s scariest haunted experience.


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