Haunted Halloween Attractions in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Haunted Attractions

Real Haunted Attractions in Milwaukee

Deep within the abandoned remains of a haunted military testing site lies The Rock, home to covert ops agents, cannibals, zombie carnies and more. You’ve heard this is Milwaukee’s best haunted attraction, even the best Wisconsin haunt of 2016. You know you and your friends are planning to enjoy Karaoke Night or SIN Night. What you don’t know is that The Hill Has Eyes, and you are being watched.

They watch from their derelict trailers while sharpening knives and warming the oven. They listen in on Government Issue HAM radios while cleaning their rifles. They smell your fear on the wind and shamble towards you. They prepare an infernal altar for your arrival, patiently awaiting dark rituals honoring ancient demons promising arcane power. They watch from outdated military Jeeps, musty trailers and abandoned barns. They watch from behind trees and from inside tattered carnival tents. The Hill Has Eyes, and all of them are watching you. Waiting.


Best Halloween Attractions in Wisconsin

Family Friendly Halloween Attraction



Contained and Led to Slaughter: Wisconsin's Gateway to Terror

Containment - Everyday Attraction

Crooked politicians made a deal with mutant rednecks in the back woods of Southeast Wisconsin in a vain attempt to contain their ravenous hunger. Guarded by the imfamous 666th Infantry Brigade, the mutants eagerly await the annual Halloween Harvest.

Blackout Haunted House
  • Lights out haunted event
  • Pitch black hunt
Failed Escape Abandoned Junkyard Haunt

Failed Escape - Everyday Attraction

Only terror and ruin await you if you manage to escape the 666th Infantry Brigade's clutches. Brave the abandoned trailer park that Junkyard Ray calls home. Your remains will be part of Ray's new flesh if you don't survive this Failed Escape.

Wisconsin Haunted House Event
  • Cash prize Fear Factor
  • Can you stomach the challenge?
Hunger Hollow Abandoned Trailer Park Haunt

Hunger Hollow - Everyday Attraction

Mutant cannibal hillbillies lurk deep in the chemical soaked woods of Southeast Wisconsin. Eager to reap the "fall harvest," the mutants chase after human flesh. Will you escape the mutant menace, or will your flesh crack as you roast above the fire?

  • Sponsored by Wild Planet
Scare Lift Fun

Scare Lift - Everyday Attraction

There's only one way off the hill: The Scare Lift. Home to hordes of shambling corpses and haunting ghouls, this abandoned chair lift is your only hope for salvation. As you near the top you realize you should have abandoned all hope long ago.

High School Haunted House
  • Admission discount with High School ID
CARNIvore Abandoned Haunted Carnival

CARNIvore - Everyday Attraction

The Devil's Carnival, held right here atop The Rock. Inside this tattered Big Top demonic carnies practice arcane rituals in honor of hellish forces. Battle homicidal Siamese twins, the spawn of Satan and more as you try to survive the CARNIvore!

Haunted Karaoke Party in Wisconin
  • Sing tunes in our haunted party tent
Buy tickets to be contained at a haunted house at The Hill Has Eyes, Milwaukee's scariest outdoor venue.