Scare Lift: Dare to Experience Milwaukee’s Haunted Thrill Ride

Wisconsin's Best Halloween Attraction Scares Thrill Seekers to Death

Wisconsin Scariest Haunted House

Tragedy at the former Milwaukee landfill runs back to even before the mutants began their cannibal feeding. In the winter of 1973, 13 skiers lost their lives in a horrific ski lift accident, but only 12 bodies were ever recovered. Shambling tracks were found in the snow near the scene of the accident, leading from the site of impact and disappearing into the woods.

Inspections found the ski lift was working properly at the time of the accident. Officially, the accident was recorded as “unexplained.” Franklin authorities dropped the investigation suddenly and without explanation, telling the newspaper it was just a freak accident. Some people claim the skiers had planned a group suicide. Others say it was murder and the missing skier ran off with a new identity. Still others believe The Hill itself reached out and claimed these unlucky souls.

The truth of the “Ski Hill Ghost” drifted into memory and became an urban legend, labelling the hill as one of Milwaukee's haunted places. Most people dismissed it as nothing more than a story to scare kids at a campfire. The legend, though, became all too true for his victims. Cursed to live beyond death in the forests below, they now guard the Scare Lift, jealous of the living and taking the unsuspecting as their own.

It’s said the restless dead still operate the Scare Lift, pulling you into the horror of The Demon’s realm. There is no choice but to board the decrepit death trap or forever linger in the woods as a zombie.


Boarding is no guarantee you’ll reach the top, though, as the undead Scare Lift operator tries to recreate the accident which killed him. Don’t look down, on the Scare Lift there’s more to be afraid of than heights.

Uphill Onslaught Tactical Lazer Tag Franklin

Uphill Onslaught Tactical Lazer Tag


Will you survive?

As the ski lift creeks above carrying frightened passengers up the hill to safety you’ve chosen the path of most resistance. You won’t run from these mutated freaks. It’s time to make a stand, and there are just enough armaments for a small group. You’re handed an SMG. Three round burst, enough to kill whatever’s lurking in the shadows, but only if you see them first. Your squad will have to work together to conquer the hill.

Once you’re locked and loaded you look up at the behemoth before you. You have no idea what, or who, you may encounter on the slopes. If there are any other survivors they may be beaten and broken, so frightened they’d fire upon anything or anyone. Thirteen skiers died on this hill long ago, and deaths had piled up in the aftermath leading the Milwaukee area to believe their spirits still lingered. That was before the current incident. You see a carnival at the top. Maybe they can help. Maybe safety lies at the top. Maybe not, but at least you won’t go down without a fight.

It’ll be a grueling onslaught and even the hill itself is your enemy. Will you survive?Hill Has Eyes has teamed with CMP Tactical Lazer Tag for a brand new, frighteningly fun experience this year. Your group of 4-5 will take on crazed mutants, zombies, and other survivors as you try and trekk your way up the hill to safety.

**Uphill Onslaught is an add-on to your Hill Has Eyes experience, and a separate ticket for the attraction will be needed.

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