The Only Milwaukee Haunted House Trailer You’ll See in Theaters

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Milwaukee's Move-Quality Haunted House: The Best Halloween Experience in Wisconsin

There’s only one haunted house in Milwaukee so scary its trailer runs on the big screen. The Hill Has Eyes is the best haunted house in southeast Wisconsin. Our five sprawling outdoor haunts are full of cannibal mutants to chase you through our woods. The horror begins with you being hooded and marched to the gates holding the terror inside. After the armed guards force you inside, the only way out is death. Deep in the haunted woods lurks a demonic priest, waiting to turn your shattered corpse into a walking abomination. Once the dark ritual is complete, you’ll board the Scare Lift and be pulled into the devil’s carnival. The evil carnies prowling the possessed midway will break your wavering grip on reality. Come to The Hill Has Eyes this Halloween for a haunted house experience you won’t find anywhere else.

But tickets for Wisconsin’s best Halloween attraction, The Hill Has Eyes, and get ready for a movie-quality Halloween experience.