Best Milwaukee Haunted House 2016: Hill Has Eyes Outdoor Haunt

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Milwaukee Woods Haunted by Cannibal Face-Skinner

The woods surrounding Milwaukee’s best haunted house are home to the creepiest serial killer the city has ever known. His face scarred and mutated by the toxic chemical dump, Skinard now prowls the area looking for “donors” to restore his once beautiful face. Before you’re hooded and led to the trailer park’s entrance, Skinard has already chosen a few possible victims. He is sure to observe potential victims as they pass through the haunted trails in our forest. Then, when he has settled on an unlucky victim, he bursts from the woods and drags his prize off to his lair. The gruesome act of removing his victim’s face and stitching it to his own has never been witnessed, but the mutilated remains found on the outskirts of Franklin are a testament to his vile deeds. Brave the horrors of The Hill Has Eyes this Halloween, but don’t let Skinard get a good look at you.

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