Milwaukee Haunted House Videos: See the Terrifying Experience

The Haunted Experience Milwaukee's Halloween Thrill Seekers Can't Get Enough of

The five outdoor haunted trails at The Hill Has Eyes are a truly unique Halloween experience. The terror begins with a hooded march to the gates of the walled-in cannibal community. The armed guards are there to keep you in and start you down the trail to becoming food for the cannibals. Inside their horrifying compound, you can run, but there are no exits except death. Chased into the deepest part of the haunted woods, you’ll come face to face with their demonic priest who will condemn you to an eternity of pain and suffering. The Scare Lift takes you on the last ride of your life and drops you at CARNIvore, the devil’s carnival. Don’t stay in the evil carnies’ possessed Midway for too long or you’ll never leave. The best haunted house experience in Wisconsin is right here at Milwaukee’s The Hill Has Eyes.

Buy tickets to the best haunted house in Milwaukee, The Hill Has Eyes, and get ready to run for your life.