Mutants Roam Wisconsin’s Haunted Trails

haunted trails wisconsinOver the course of the past few years, The Hill Has Eyes has gained the reputation of having the scariest haunted trails in Wisconsin. With mutants, carnies, and butchers chasing visitors through our haunted trails, there is no escape for anyone who realizes they’ve walked down the wrong path. Give your friends and family the 2017 Halloween experience they’ve been avoiding for years with the haunted trails at our Franklin, Wisconsin location.

The purpose of any haunted trail is to immerse you in the Halloween environment you’re visiting instead of just giving you something to look at. If you’re coming alone or with a couple friends, you can always purchase your tickets online ahead of time, but if you’re interested in throwing a Halloween party or plan on arriving with more than 15 people, party packages are available for large groups looking to walk down Wisconsin’s scariest haunted trails in 2017.

If you’re interested in being one of the mutants roaming one of the four main haunted trails we offer at The Hill Has Eyes, we are hosting 3 jobs fairs in 2017 to hire part time seasonal actors. To work on one of our haunted trails, you must be 15 years of age or older. Our employees work between 6pm and 1pm, Thursday through Sunday. Print of an application and come visit us on one at one of our three job fairs, we hope you’ll be joining our 2016 scare team!

Located in Franklin, WI, visitors drive from all over to experience our haunted trails, including from Madison, Green Bay, Milwaukee, and even Chicago, IL.
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