Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Votes Scariest Haunted House in SE Wisconsin

Scariest haunted house in WisconsinCome autumn, there’s a shift in the air. Whether you notice the leaves changing color or the sudden sharpness of the wind against your skin, it’s easy to tell when Halloween is approaching. It’s during this time of the year when the appetite of the general public undergoes a transmutation. The survival instinct has been starved for months and there’s a need for our sense of fear and excitement to be satisfied. In 2013, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel conducted an investigation regarding this dark urge in an effort to find the scariest haunted house in Southeast Wisconsin.

A team of reporters came to The Hill Has Eyes with one goal in mind: to study our haunted attraction from within. Unfortunately for them, curiosity led the journalists to one of the scariest, most memorable Halloween experiences they will ever have. Although they arrived anonymously and separately, from different parts of southeastern Wisconsin, each of them would go on to experience our haunts the same. Upon arrival, they were given five fates to choose from. Our haunts include:

For our Hooded haunt, these foolishly enthusiastic journalists were blinded with a hood over their head as they were marched to the front gate. From this point on, they were subjected to the horrors of the hill with no sign of escape. The Journal Sentinel would also send their most expendable reporters to our Failed Escape haunt, where they were locked inside of an old junkyard with mutant cannibals for Beelzebub's entertainment. Milwaukee’s best haunted house doesn’t end there, however, as journalists also tried their luck in our slasher-themed Hungry Hollow, where they came face to face with homicidal butchers. If they didn’t choose any of these haunts, Journal Sentinel’s ill-fated employees took a ride on our Scare Lift, where their fears of heights and the undead were fully realized. Any reporter who managed to avoid these first four haunts attended our CARNIvore, a haunted carnival run by the king of fear, the Devil himself. 

Surprisingly, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had enough of their reporters survive the night to cast a vote. The Hill Has Eyes was declared the scariest haunted house in Wisconsin and continues to make firing employees an easy job for the Journal Sentinel, come Halloween. CBS 58 even called the Hill Has  Eyes "one of the best haunted houses in the city" of Milwaukee in 2016. This autumn, when you notice your urge for thrills and excitement forming as sure as the cold, red scenery of fall, give The Hill Has Eyes a visit. Visitors from Green Bay, Waukesha, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Madison all make the drive to The Hill Has Eyes every Halloween because we guarantee the scariest haunted house experience in Wisconsin.

Buy your tickets in advance to the best Halloween attraction in Wisconsin to have the scariest time of your life with The Hill Has Eyes.
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