Cornfield Maze vs Outdoor Haunted House Experience

cornfield haunted house MilwaukeeHaunted corn mazes are a popular option for Wisconsin residents seeking a scare on Halloween, but do they really offer the best experience? Sure, they’re a classic outdoor option, but their size is based on a limited area of corn stalks and if there’s been a drought, your family tradition can be forced to be put on hold. Not to mention, it’s hard to scare ANYONE when you can hear someone running up behind you on fallen corn or can plainly see them through the stalks – it can quickly boil down to an unfulfilling Halloween experience.

If you still crave an outdoor haunted attraction, haunted houses like The Hill Has Eyes can be your perfect compromise. You get to enjoy the autumn weather you’ve been waiting for all year while being given a completely fun and frightening experience. A corn maze is grown and then has to be worked around to try and deliver you with a scare, leaving a lot of potential unexplored and wasted. With custom built sets and trails, outdoor haunted houses are engineered with the sole purpose of scaring you.

The Hill Has Eyes ends the “cornfield vs haunted house” debate with its perfect blend of the two. Not only do you experience the personalized themed choices of a haunted house, but you get the outdoor environment you’re seeking for a true October scare. Voted Milwaukee’s scariest haunted house attraction, The Hill Has Eyes provides a number of custom built environments and deals for all of our visitors, including:

If you can’t decide between going to a haunted corn maze or house this year, choose The Hill Has Eyes. Visitors from Chicago, Madison, Green Bay, and Kenosha drive out to us every year because they get the outdoor scares they’ve been looking forward to all year with custom built attractions and thrills for the scariest Halloween experience.

To get a full understanding of why The Hill Has Eyes’ haunted house is scarier than any corn maze, order your tickets online today!  
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