Racine Haunted Places, Houses, and Directions to The Hill


  • Begin at I-94 W
  • Take exit 320 for Rawson Avenue
  • Turn left at W Rawson Avenue, continue on Rawson for approximately 3.6 miles
  • Turn right at S 76th Street, get into the left lane
  • Immediately after the intersection lights at Hwy 36/Loomis Road turn left onto Crystal Ridge Drive
  • We are located on the right side of the street


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Abandon all Hope—Ye who Enter the Hill

Breach the twisted gates of our haunted hill's trail and venture into the madness of five different worlds of fear and despair. Do you dare try to escape the mutant minions of the Haunted Trailer Park? Can your mind withstand the horrors Milwaukee's most haunted woods?

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The Scariest Thing You Didn't Know About Racine

Racine's Scariest Haunted Woods

Racine has a long history of unearthing the dead in the name of “progress.' In 1852, Racine bought 16 acres of woods just west of town to replace the old city cemetery at what is now 13th St. and Park Ave.

The bodies were exhumed and relocated to what became known as Mound Cemetery, an old Indian burial ground. When Winslow Elementary School was built on the site of the old cemetery in 1856, construction crews unearthed long-forgotten remains, and students routinely found bones sticking out of the ground.

When the state of Wisconsin expanded Highway 11 in 1971, many of the marked graves at East Meadows Cemetery near Prichard Park were relocated to West Meadows in the town of Rochester, just south of Waterford. Most people forgot that East Meadows was once a pauper's cemetery, for those unclaimed by family or too poor for a proper burial. Many of the dead lay in unmarked graves, upturned by the heavy pavers. One such hateful soul dwells in East Meadow still, unloved in life and forgotten in death. He confronts visitors after dark with a withering gaze and demonic growl, then disappears in a rumble of evil laughter.

Haunted Places to Tour near Racine

Visit Caroline at the Racine Heritage Museum on 7th and Main. Caroline was five when she died there in the mid-19th Century. At the time, the building was her home, built by Henry Durand in 1857. Other spooks still haunt the museum, including Mary Williams, Caroline's nanny, who still chases her off to bed late at night.

The Root River Bridge on Highway 31 is still haunted by the ghost of a boy who was drowned there in the 1970s. Legend has it he will wait there every night until his killer is found.

The small, wooded islands in the Fox River behind Waterford's village hall are said to be haunted by the angry spirits of warriors from the Fox tribe, killed there while fighting the French in the early 1700s.

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Known Haunted Places in Racine

 Winslow Elementary School 1325 Park Ave Racine, WI 53403
 East Meadows Cemetery 5101 Durand Ave Racine, WI 53406
 Ivanhoe Pub & Eatery 213 Main St Racine, WI 53403
 S.C Johnson & Son 1525 Howe St Racine, WI 53403
 Sci-Fi Café 532 N Pine St Burlington, WI 53105

Note: Please make sure you have permission before visiting any of these locations. Otherwise, businesses and residences may prosecute you if you trespass.