Madison Haunted Places, Houses, and Directions to The Hill


  • Begin at I-94 E toward Milwaukee
  • Exit 305A to merge onto I-894 E/US 45 S
  • Continue to follow I-894 E
  • Exit 5A-B for 76 - 84th Street
  • Turn right onto S 84th Street
  • Turn left at Layton Avenue going towards 76th Street
  • At S 76th Street turn right
  • Crystal Ridge is approximately 1.7 miles, located on the right (west) side of the street


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The Scariest Thing You Didn’t Know About Madison

Best Haunted House in the Midwest

Joseph Hausmann was a German immigrant with dreams of becoming a famous beer baron, like his fellow countrymen Frederick Miller and Joseph Schlitz. He had seen enough of war, carrying a sabre wound on his cheek as a reminder of the battle in Copenhagen, and chose a quiet brewmaster’s life in the new American West. Hausmann’s brewery at State & Gorham produced 35,000 barrels a year, more than enough for thirsty UW students. Hausmann’s new world idyll was broken in 1902 by an illness no doctor could identify. The stout German wasted away while the world never learned of his wife’s Jimson Weed garden. Hausmann himself seemed unaware of his own death, as employees and patrons reported seeing him carrying about his daily duties around the brewery and taproom. His wife continued to run the business during Prohibition. In 1923 the Hausmann Brewery burned to the ground. Investigators were baffled to find the old brewmaster’s wife in the wreckage, apparently trapped behind an unlocked door.

Haunted Places to Tour near Madison

Serial killer Ed Gein, the inspiration for Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho as well as Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, was committed to Madison’s Mendota Mental Health Institute upon his conviction in 1968, where he died in 1984.

Deep within the University of Wisconsin Arboretum, an old axe man still grinds his blade to fell phantom timbers. Little is known of his origins or what terrible agony prevents his soul from finding peace, but on certain nights the fog rolling off Lake Wingra reveals the silhouette of an old logger’s cabin under an ancient oak tree, and the body of a woman swinging gently from its lowest bough.

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Known Haunted Places in Madison

 Hausmann Brewery 341 State St Madison, WI 53703
 UW Arboretum 1207 Seminole Hwy Madison, WI 53711
 Red Gym 716 Langdon St Madison, WI 53706
 Mendota Mental Health Complex 301 Troy Dr Madison, WI 53704
 Picnic Point 2002 University Bay Dr Madison, WI 53726



Note: Please make sure you have permission before visiting any of these locations. Otherwise, businesses and residences may prosecute you if you trespass.