Lake Geneva Haunted Places, Houses, and Directions to The Hill


  • Take US-12 W
  • Exit 321 for Country Hwy NN/I-43 N toward Milwaukee/Beloit
  • Continue to follow I-43 N
  • Merge onto I-43N/I-894 E
  • Exit 5A-B for 76 - 84th Street
  • Turn right onto S 84th Street
  • Turn left at Layton Avenue going towards 76th Street
  • At S 76th Street turn right
  • Crystal Ridge is approximately 1.7 miles, located on the right (west) side of the street


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Haunted Places to Tour near Lake Geneva

Hobart Hermansen ran the Lake Como Inn west of Lake Geneva. Hermansen was called the “Slot King of Walworth County” for the illegal gambling and speakeasy operations he ran off the scenic lakefront property, but the hotel was better known for the gangland kingpins, like Baby Face Nelson and Bugs Moran, who used it to lay low from the feds. When Moran’s wife left him for Hobart in 1932, Bugs promised he’d get his revenge “in this life AND the next!” Renamed the French Country Inn in 1986, the old basement speakeasy they used to call “The Sewer” is still rattled by twisted laughter and pleas for mercy.

The Scariest Things You Didn’t Know About Lake Geneva

Most Frightening Haunt in Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva was originally named “Muck-Suck” by the local Potawatomi tribe. While the history books say it was named for a chief, Muck-Suck is in truth the old Potawatomi word for Bigfoot, whose range once extended throughout the forests of southeastern Wisconsin. On cold October nights, farmers in Walworth County still double-bolt and reinforce their barn gates. They spend sleepless hours on the porch outside their houses, nervously clutching their 12-gauges, proud men haunted and shaken by animal cries and the low, guttural snarl of the night beast. Whether it be Sasquatch or the Beast of Bray Road, pity the animals caught alone and defenseless by this insatiable woodland demon. Plaintive screams are caught in their throats, and as the beast begins to feed, they gurgle their final noise, “Muck-suck!”

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Known Haunted Places in Lake Geneva

 Lake Como Inn W4190 West End Rd Lake Geneva, WI 53147
 St. Killian’s Cemetery E. Townline Rd Lake Geneva, WI
 Lake Geneva Regional News 315 Broad St Lake Geneva, WI 53147
 Big Foot Beach State Park 1452 S Wells St Lake Geneva, WI 53147
 Legend of the Bray Road Beast Bray Rd Elkhorn, WI 53121



Note: Please make sure you have permission before visiting any of these locations. Otherwise, businesses and residences may prosecute you if you trespass.