Kenosha Haunted Places, Houses, and Directions to The Hill


  • Begin at I-94 W
  • Take exit 320 for Rawson Avenue
  • Turn left at W Rawson Avenue, continue on Rawson for approximately 3.6 miles
  • Turn right at S 76th Street, get into the left lane
  • Immediately after the intersection lights at Hwy 36/Loomis Road turn left onto Crystal Ridge Drive
  • We are located on the right side of the street


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The Scariest Thing You Didn’t Know About Kenosha

There are two sides to every ghost story, and the story of Mother Mary Terese is no different. In 1871, Kemper Hall on 3rd Ave. in Kenosha became a private seminary for intemperate young women. The seminary was run by Mother Mary Terese, a nun who held a firm hand against godless behavior. The willful girls of the seminary grew to hate Mary Terese. They gathered in the observatory dome at night to perform dark rituals, asking the spirit world to rid them of the reviled overseer.

Mother Mary Terese soon became aware of the girls’ nighttime activities, though she never guessed their evil intentions. One night she ascended the observatory’s five-story spiral staircase to catch them in the act. When she came to the top she found the girls encircled within a wreath of candles, their leader speaking in the demonic tongue of the spirit world. The old nun clutched at her rosary and fell back, shattering her neck as she tumbled halfway down the staircase.

The girls moved as a single body down the stairs to the corpse, with a deceitful voice behind them, “Bring me her head, and I shall set you free.”

Kenosha Area Haunted House

Haunted Places to Tour near Kenosha

Despite a restoration attempt, the old Kenosha Theatre on 6th Street remains an abandoned relic of the opulent 20th Century cinema houses. Though it hasn’t housed an audience in more than 50 years, late at night the projectors still flicker. The smell of popcorn overcomes the mildew as the social elite and well-to-do still stream into their seats to see the latest feature, starring Gables or Sinatra.

The Gilbert M. Simmons Memorial Library on 59th Place is still haunted by its namesake, as well as Catherine Durkee, when she’s not occupying her former home at Kemper Hall. Durkee is known to rearrange books when the librarians aren’t watching.

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Known Haunted Places in Kenosha

 Kemper Hall 6501 3rd Ave Kenosha, WI 53143
 Kenosha Theatre 5913 6th Avenue Kenosha, WI 53143
 Gilbert Simmons Library 711 59th Pl Kenosha, WI 53140
 Petrifying Springs Park 761 Green Bay Rd Kenosha, WI 53144
 The Club at Strawberry Creek 14810 72nd St Kenosha, WI 53142



Note: Please make sure you have permission before visiting any of these locations. Otherwise, businesses and residences may prosecute you if you trespass.