Scariest Haunted House in Wisconsin: Driving Directions

A Short Trip to Your Final Scare

To fulfill their end of the bargain with the mutant cannibal hillbillies, the government promised visitors a bone-chilling night at Wisconsin’s Scariest Haunted House. Drawn in by the prospect of a gruesome and terrifying haunted house, followed by nightly events, bonfires and food, victims streamed to The Hill Has Eyes from all corners of Southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

None of them realized the truth until they were the ones on the menu.

From Green Bay to Chicago, Spend Your Fright Night at The Hill Has Eyes

Whether you’re coming from Madison, Waukesha, Green Bay or Chicago, use these easy-to-follow driving directions to get to Milwaukee's most frightening outdoor haunted house experience. As an added bonus, each page describes the morbid history of your hometown, and lists several haunted spots to visit… IF you ever make it back alive.

Don't get shut out at the door after your drive to Milwaukee's scariest haunted house, buy your tickets online right now and reserve your place on the dinner table.


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