Meet The Cast of Wisconsin's Best Haunted Experience

James Stackman
Junkyard Ray
Jonny Kay
Bobby Skillsaw
Jerry Youslys
Franie Meakeater
Mos Death
Dark Heart
Jack Stackton
Lt. Dan & Sgt. Slaughter
Ash Manning
The Possessed

Milwaukee's Scariest Haunted House: Full of Flesh Eating Cannibals to Eat You Alive

Uncover the horror of the past. 

They were once people just like us: blue collar, hardworking and a little down on their luck. Their community was small, but loyal. That all changed when the unmarked trucks came and unloaded their chemical sludge into the old quarry. The people turned on each other first, weeding out the weak and witless. Their bodies and minds grew more gnarled as their exposure lingered. The rotting dead were food enough at first, but the mutant hillbilly cannibals needed fresh blood to satisfy their hunger.

The government walled them off to protect the surrounding communities. It’s said they have an agreement with the freaks. Every fall harvest, they deliver a fresh crop of meat and the mutants agree to stay inside. Did the toxic sludge warp these mild-mannered trailer folk into monsters, or did it simply free them to be what they always were?

Not content to strip their victims of skin and flesh, the twisted priest baptizes the carcasses in fire raising the bones with unholy life. These shambling revenants serve to collect more victims, building a satanic army of zombies to roam the woods of southeast Wisconsin.

Milwaukee’s scariest haunted attraction features a gruesome cast of flesh eating mutant hillbillies. Don’t linger too long on the haunted trails, or they’ll make you part of the attraction!

Order your tickets for Wisconsin’s scariest haunted outdoor experience. Remember to watch your back, because The Hill Has Eyes.