The Possessed

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Milwaukee's Demonic Haunted House Possessed Girl Lures Visitors to their Doom

One of the most enigmatic members of the mutant colony is the girl with no name. No one knows exactly where she came from or how she came to be Beelzebub’s personal servant. Looking into Franklin’s historical records, there is still an unsolved disappearance of a young girl named Grace dating to shortly after the toxic dump occurred. Franklin paranormal historical buffs have their own theories of what happened. The current thought is the possessed girl is actually Grace, trapped in an eternity of suffering at the hands of Beelzebub. Although details of her disappearance are not well known, sightings of her near the trailer park are fairly common. Volunteers first meet the girl as they are being led into Beelzebub’s cursed church. Once locked inside, the girl gives any visitors a nasty surprise. Avoid the girl at all costs. Any contact and you may become possessed with demons and malicious spirits, too.

Based on what Franklin paranormal historians have learned, after Grace went missing, her family organized a search party. They split up into four groups and combed the entire town, including the surrounding woods. At the end of the search, only three groups returned. The final group had been tasked with searching through the haunted forest near the mutant’s trailer park. No bodies or remains were ever recovered. Some of the more superstitious historians believe the fourth group found the missing girl, but were led by her to meet Beelzebub. Determined to solve the case once and for all, a small group of believers went out to The Hill to confirm if Grace is there. Of the people who went on the final trip to identify Grace, only one made it back alive. The lone survivor was quickly sent to a mental asylum, gibbering mostly unintelligible sounds. The only words anybody has been able to understand are, “She is here.”

Caretakers of the survivor have noted strange occurrences around his room. They report seeing people out of the corner of their eye, but, when they look, nobody is there. In one horrifying instance, a maintenance working was cleaning a mirror and ran screaming from the room, claiming he saw the face of a girl with no eyes staring back at him. Visitors to The Hill be warned, the possessed girl is very powerful and will stop at nothing to please Beelzebub. Even if you manage to escape, the horrors of The Hill will continue to haunt you for the rest of your days.

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