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Best Haunt Waukesha Cannibal Skinner
Haunted House Waukesha Cannibal
Waukesha Haunted House Attraction Cannibal

Franklin's Cannibal Haunted House Is Led by a Waukesha Native who Wears Victims' Faces

Rarely seen by any except his victims, Skinard is the most terrifying and gruesome resident of the haunted trailer park. Even the other mutants who reside within the damned grounds fear him. By far the most dangerous and twisted of the residents, Skinard takes bits of each “volunteer” to craft his gruesome mask, which he uses to cover his scarred and damaged face. He lurks in the shadows, constantly aware of all movements taking place in the haunted park. Traveling swiftly and undetected through the shadows, it is impossible to evade his capture. Nobody knows exactly where Skinard lived before moving into the trailer park, but many believe he came from Waukesha, given the large number of victims he chooses from the city. Keep an eye out for Skinard, he often attacks when you least expect it.

Prior to the toxic spill, Skinard was a handsome man. However, he used his looks and charm for more sinister purposes. Skinard moved to the park because he valued his privacy and often said he was not to be disturbed. Every night he headed out to the bars in downtown Waukesha, and more times than not he brought someone back with him. On more than one occasion, Skinard was seen bringing beautiful women into his home, but nobody recalls seeing them leave. The other residents of the trailer park were suspicious of Skinard’s activities but didn’t dare confront him for fear of what he would do to them. After the spill, Skinard was horrified by what had happened to his once handsome face. He rose, more vengeful and twisted than ever before. All visitors please be warned, Skinard is a wicked force and will stop at nothing to add to his mask.

Skinard quickly rose to become the leader of the decrepit town. No one dares to cross him, and the few residents who stood up to him were quickly punished. Ruthless and cruel, Skinard is known to the mutant residents as the Man with Many Faces. He is constantly adding and changing his mask in the vain hope of restoring his once handsome face. Anyone foolish enough to enter this corrupt place will be captured and Skinard always gets his pick of the captives. Young women from Waukesha in particular should take great care to avoid Skinard. He enjoyed preying on humans before and has become even more deranged and psychotic after the spill.

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