Mos Death

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Evil Clown in Milwaukee's Haunted Carnival Brings Down the House with his Chainsaw

Mos Death graduated from West Allis Central High School at the top of his class and had a bright future ahead of him. Until one night, somebody tied some soda cans to the underside of his car, making it sound like the heat shield was loose. It was supposed to be a harmless prank. Unfortunately, the car was already in pretty rough shape and had a minor gas leak. As Mos Death was driving, the cans dragging on the ground caused sparks to shoot up and in a horrific, freak accident, the car went up in flames. He was able to escape the car but found himself stranded on the outskirts of Franklin. He heard some faint music playing and walked towards it hoping to find help. Instead, he stumbled into Dark Heart’s carnival. He was quickly recruited to the horrific carnival, taking the name Mos Death.

Since joining the evil circus, Mos Death has learned some new skills. He is very adept at mocking all who enter, getting them to laugh before the “final curtain.” Give him a wide berth and don’t ever make direct eye contact. If you’re unfortunate enough to grab his attention, do everything you can to turn him on somebody else. Dark Heart has assigned him the circus’ closing act, a role Mos Death excels at. While he’s not nearly as skilled as James and Jack, Mos Death still carves up many victims with his chainsaw. The blood-soaked final act of the circus is something most visitors will flee, seeking refuge in the Midway.

Some people claim Mos Death haunts West Allis, searching for the person who tied the cans to his car. If you happen to be driving in town late at night around Halloween, you had better pray for no car troubles. Many people changing a flat tire or stuck with a dead battery insist they smell smoke and hear eerie music playing. People who remember the horrible accident believe it is Mos Death taking revenge with “pranks” of his own. If you have car trouble in late October and hear strange music, you may soon find yourself face to face with Mos Death.

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