Lt. Dan & Sgt. Slaughter

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Haunted House Guards from Waterford
Waterford Haunted House Guards
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Ex-Waterford Residents Guard Haunted House Entrance

Lt Dan was assigned to lead Z Platoon, 666th Infantry Brigade after the government struck the grisly deal with the mutants in the landfill. Prior to his promotion, Lt. Dan and his companion, Sgt. Slaughter, were chiefly responsible for the first batch of guard disappearances, shortly after the accident. A native of Waterford, Lt. Dan now corrals the “volunteers” (who Sgt. Slaughter calls his new “recruits”), and ensures they stay trapped within the haunted grounds. New recruits are advised to obey Lt. Dan’s orders instantly. Those who don’t have a nasty habit of going AWOL in the haunted woods near the landfill and are never seen again.

Born and raised in Waterford, WI, Lt. Dan comes from a military background. As soon as he turned 18, Dan was proud to enlist in the Army. He left Wisconsin for basic training down south, but was often in trouble. With a volatile temper, Dan didn’t like being told what to do. He rarely obeyed orders and was dishonorably discharged. Humiliated, he fled to the trailer park and camped out in the woods near Ray’s junk yard.

Sgt. Slaughter was once known as Rick, a police Sergeant from Waterford. Residents always had their doubts about Jack’s sanity, but he seemed to follow the rules, more or less. However, after a violent, public altercation with a group of unruly teenagers, Rick found himself being painted as the villain. Disgusted at how the town turned against him, Rick soon left Waterford. He settled into the trailer park on the outskirts of Franklin and became a recluse before meeting Dan.

While the chemicals dumped in the landfill did not mutate Dan and Rick’s physical appearance, it did make them even more unhinged than before. When the government initially sent armed guards to keep the inhabitants confined, Dan and Rick led a secret war against them, feeding the trailer park residents the bodies of their victims. After noticing a number of odd disappearances, the government captured Dan and decided to use his connection to the mutants to their advantage. Reinstated as a Lieutenant, Lt. Dan quickly enlisted the help of Sgt. Slaughter in carrying out his duties. Residents of Waterford have mentioned they occasionally hear the faint sound of orders being shouted late at night. Some who knew Dan before he left have speculated it is Dan’s voice snarling orders at new recruits who were unfortunate enough to wander into the vile park.

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