Junkyard Ray

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Haunted Junk Yard near Caledonia
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Haunted Junkyard near Milwaukee's Scariest Attraction Houses Cannibal from Caledonia

Junkyard Ray has always been wary of outsiders coming near his house. Haunted by the effects of the horrific waste spill and angry at the people who ordered it, he is now ready to attack anyone who gets too near. In his old life, Ray was a crack shot, and anyone who had seen him shooting at the range on the outskirts of Caledonia can attest to his shotgun’s deadly force. He was also a frequent visitor to the Milwaukee gun show when it came to town, but some dealers avoided him even then because he always had a strange look in his eyes. Many people, even those who haven’t heard of Ray, have remarked they can hear the echo of a shotgun resonate throughout the town at odd hours, coming from the nearby haunted woods. Ray resides on the outskirts of the trailer park and is one of the first residents poor lost wanderers encounter. He sends them along, cackling from behind, “Tell ‘em Ray sent you!”

Junkyard Ray, like Jerry, was ridiculed as child and he moved out of Caledonia to seek the solitude of the trailer park, away from the prying eyes of Racine residents. His only companion before he was turned into a mutant was his faithful dog Brutus, who he had rescued from one of Milwaukee's haunted houses. On the night of the chemical spill, Brutus was roused by the rumbling of the unmarked trucks and tried to warn Ray of the approaching danger. Ray was drunk and asleep, too dead to the world to be awakened from his slumber and Brutus took off into the night. When Ray awoke, his mind already altered from chemical exposure, he immediately set out to find Brutus. Ray lumbered through the now-toxic landfill and, after much searching, found his dear companion waiting for him. Brutus happily lapped up the toxic sludge as it seeped into the ground. Ray makes it a point to be the first to “meet and greet” the fall’s harvest. Guests should be aware, once you cross this threshold, there is no going back.

Ray once got in trouble with the Racine Sheriff’s Department for having upholstered, non-lawn furniture on his front porch. The ticket and constant ridicule from neighbors is what drove Ray and Brutus to the trailer park in the first place. Ray enjoyed his space and privacy but after the toxic spill disfigured his appearance, he is even more on edge about intruders coming near his house. Haunted by his past experience of nasty neighbors, Ray and Brutus take their revenge one unfortunate traveler at a time. Brutus’ keen sense of smell lets Ray track down every single trespasser. Avoid eye contact and don’t make any sudden movements around Ray and Brutus, or you could end up with a shotgun blast in your back and a rabid dog at your throat. Then again, compared to the other horrors that await you in the condemned, haunted trailer park, a quick end from a shotgun could be considered a blessing.

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