Jonny Kay

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Milwaukee Haunted House Cannibal Butcher
Wisconsin Haunted House Butcher Shop
Milwaukee Haunted House Butcher

Franklin's Scariest Butcher Shop Haunts All Who Enter

While Jonny Kay’s face may be mutilated from the gruesome spill, his cold, dead eyes will still pierce you with their unforgiving stare. Even as a very young child, Jonny liked butchering small animals and his piercing gaze still haunts those in the Milwaukee area who caught him in the act. During every blood moon, on the anniversary of the accident, residents of Shorewood and the surrounding areas often feel as if they are being watched by a malicious presence. Some of the older residents who remember Jonny as a child claim it is his spirit, calling people to the abandoned trailer park to meet the same fate. His old, haunted house in the trailer park was one of the first destroyed and Jonny rose from the wreckage, more terrible and ruthless than ever. Attempts to flee his rage are futile. His eyes will cut deep into you long before his knife slashes.

Jonny Kay has always had a soft spot for cutting flesh and bone. While he used to pride himself on being the best butcher in Milwaukee, he now congratulates himself on preparing prime cuts of human to feed the mutant cannibal hillbillies in the toxic trailer park. This haunted butcher shop now houses terrified residents of Franklin, picked off one by one to feed the growing mutant population. His specialty ribs are the toast of the cursed town. Jonny had a quick temper during his life, and it has only intensified after he rose from the wreckage. One wrong look, careless word or misstep will land you in his butcher shop of horrors. One fortunate Wauwatosa woman was able to escape from the meat locker he keeps his prisoners in and she hasn’t been the same since. She fled the Milwaukee area immediately and refuses to return to the Midwest.

Jonny’s butcher shop of horrors is a gruesome and terrible sight to behold. Visitors are shocked by the blood-stained windows and carcasses of half-butchered swine and humans. The vision is sure to haunt any escaped survivors long after they leave the wretched hill. Those who do not end up trapped in this haunted place for an eternity of inescapable hell will forever hear the lingering cries of pain and fear of those left behind, confined in meat bags until they meet their grisly end. Those poor lost souls will never be at peace, as they too join the army of the undead. Many survivors flee their Milwaukee houses never to return, haunted by the knowledge of the mutant zombie trailer park. Franklin residents who are wise enough to heed the warnings of local legends live in relative safety, although occasionally they hear the muffled cries of those confined to the cruel prison of the trailer park.

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