Jerry Youslys

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Jerry Youslys was out working his large expanse of land under the blood moon when the toxic sludge was dumped into the landfill. Jerry’s pumpkin patch was once known throughout Milwaukee to produce the biggest and best pumpkins, even though outsiders often remarked how odd it was to have such a beautiful garden hidden in a trailer park. Jerry claimed it was because he had the best fertilizer. He noticed strange things happening to his prized pumpkins long before any major mutations arose among the park’s human inhabitants. By the time he realized what was happening, it was too late. Consumed with hate by the effect of the chemical waste on his crops, Jerry now fertilizes the ground with the remains of humans from the Milwaukee area. He regrets ever leaving his hometown of St. Francis to come to the doomed trailer park. Residents of St. Francis are warned to avoid his haunted house; he is especially keen to get his hands on you.

Jerry has donated part of his land to be the trailer park’s “underground pantry.” He is responsible for making sure the park has enough food to tide them over from harvest to harvest. The government’s agreement with the mutant hillbillies states they must be fed every fall. The government keeps the park under a military guard, but every fall they lure unsuspecting people from Wauwatosa to Gurnee into the park, promising them a fun time at Wisconsin’s scariest haunted house. In return, the mutant residents agree to stay within the confines of the haunted grounds. Those who aren’t eaten in the October frenzy are buried to be consumed later, before the next crop is delivered. Jerry says a little bit of rot enhances the flavor. It’s unknown who brokered the deal or what figure is terrifying enough to bend the mutants to his will, but Jerry particularly looks forward to the Fall Harvest, anticipating more fertilizer for his land.

Jerry doesn’t like to be caught in the middle of his work. Those foolish enough to do so become the next "volunteer" to fertilize his once bountiful soil. Jerry was often shunned while he was alive and ridiculed by his classmates at the St. Francis public schools. His nickname was, "The Mistake." He sought out the trailer park for some peace, in the hopes that he would finally find a place where he belonged and was not mocked by strangers. After the effects of the spill become apparent, Jerry was warped into a twisted, evil shell of who he once was. He now seeks revenge on anyone from the Milwaukee area who had shunned him and makes sure to bury their mistakes. Resentful and dangerous, Jerry hunts down those who had taunted him. The dark sky and rustling leaves provide the perfect cover for Jerry to carry out his work in this haunted place.

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