James Stackman

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Wisconsin Haunted Woods Chainsaw Cannibal
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Brown Deer Lumberjack Haunts Southeast Wisconsin's Woods

James Stackman was a local Milwaukee lumber supplier. He never met a tree in the woods he didn’t see as a cottage. He learned his way around a chainsaw at a young age while watching his father in the lumberjack competitions that used to take place in Brown Deer. Scarred by the gruesome accident which took his father’s life, James vowed to never succumb to a careless accident. James knows the toxic dump which destroyed his beloved trailer park was just that: a careless accident. Filled with rage at the thoughtless government which ordered the toxic waste to be put in the nearby landfill, James cuts down any of the "walking timbers" foolish enough to visit the haunted woods near the trailer park. His favorite place to hide is his abandoned house, but he has been known to lurk among the trees in the nearby woods. The last thing seen by those naïve enough not to take the legends of the haunted park seriously is a dark shape lunging out of the gloom wielding a bloody chainsaw.

James patrols the woods with his trusty chainsaw, looking for “walking timbers” he can drag back to the trailer park. He lurks through the toxic landfill, searching for useful supplies his shunned community can use to fortify their cursed homes. He is sometimes accompanied by his old neighbor Cletus who will stay in the shadows until he’s picked out one unlucky hiker he thinks would look better as a coffee table. The trailer park is always looking for fresh meat, and sometimes James and Cletus like to speed up the process of adding new members to their twisted community of zombies. Residents of Oak Creek take special care during the new moon in October. Late at night, under the cover of darkness on the anniversary of the accident, eerie shadows and the faint noise of chainsaws have been heard coming from the haunted woods, especially around the Oak Creek Parkway. Nearby residents bolt their doors and pray for daylight.

James has always felt at home in the woods. He knows how to walk through undetected, blend in with his surroundings and sit perfectly still for hours. Often impatient for new victims to stumble upon their haunted home, he and his neighbor Cletus have taken to exploring the woods in the surrounding areas. They frequent Oak Creek and, on occasion, other Milwaukee suburbs. Visitors to nearby parks have reported hearing a phantom chainsaw and had the hair raising sensation of being watched by something malevolent. Trees in the surrounding woods inexplicably fall and many residents believe James is behind the deforestation. Venturing into the haunted woods surrounding the trailer park at night is sometimes called SBJ, Suicide By James. James’s ability to be as still as a tree and blend in under the cover of nightfall make it easy to fall into one of his traps. Once felled, James’ “walking timbers” are dragged back to the park to become another member of the undead horde.

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