Jack Stackton

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Best Haunt Franklin Woodsman
Franklin Haunted House Chainsaw Cannibal
Franklin Haunted Woods Cannibal
Haunted House Franklin Cannibal

Wisconsin's Woods Are Haunted by Cannibal Woodcarver

Unlike most of the other mutant cannibals, Jack was raised in the doomed Franklin trailer park. He got into wood carving after he took a woodshop class during his time at Franklin High School. Jack had never been particularly good at anything, and was thrilled to finally find his true calling. Shortly after graduation, Jack started an apprenticeship with a local carpenter. He excelled in his trade and was soon running his own operation. He was able to craft some of the most sought after furniture in Franklin and the surrounding counties. Jack was saving up money and planned on moving out of the trailer park soon. Unfortunately, the accident has prevented Jack from ever achieving this goal. After the accident, the only item that wasn’t completely ruined was his trusty chainsaw. Jack uses his deadly weapon to capture intruders who come to the park. Be warned, any who encounter Jack will end up being carved into grotesque decorations.

Jack tends to wander solo, he isn’t particularly fond of James or Franie; he feels their approach isn’t fine-tuned enough. Jack feels the two often waste the tastiest parts of human due to sloppy cuts. Instead, Jack wanders throughout the damned park and occasionally into the surrounding haunted woods of Franklin. He enjoys heavily wooded areas, and will occasionally bring down a tree and craft macabre accessories for the trailer park residents. Skinner himself requested Jack be the one to create the daunting cross volunteers first encounter. Any curious wanderers are advised to avoid the Franklin woods during October nights, since there have been a number of strange disappearances. Residents on the outskirts of Franklin take extra care to lock their doors during October nights, and remark seeing eerie shadows and hearing the faint noise of a buzzing chainsaw in the night.

Since Jack is now confined to the trailer park, he takes out his frustration and anger on anyone foolish enough to enter. Quick on his feet, he entertains himself by chasing intruders. Jack lets poor wanderers get far enough ahead, where they think escape is possible, then pounces. Soon after, he’ll pull the victim through the doomed town to his ramshackle home, where he begins work immediately. After carving out the “best” parts for Jonny Kay, he uses the remains to craft horrifying decorations which complement his chilling, ghoulish designs for Skinner.

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