Franie Meakeater

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Haunted House Executioner from Cudahy Decapitates Unluck Victims

Franie Meakeater was an unlucky driver whose truck stalled out on the night of the chemical spill. Abandoned in the landfill, he quickly realized his protective suit was powerless to save him from the worst of it. He tried to reach out to Milwaukee County authorities for help. He walked all the way to Cudahy before he was chased out of town by frightened local residents, including his wife. Disgusted by what he had become and the way he was treated, Franie has vowed to seek revenge on those who cast him out during his time of need. He seeks to bring the same fate to any intruders who don’t believe in the haunting of the trailer park and come to the hill to see one of Milwaukee's haunted houses. Franie’s wife, Terry, mysteriously vanished from her Cudahy home and her disappearance baffles the local police department to this day. The house showed no signs of a break in and the only evidence discovered was Terry’s ring finger with the wedding band still on it.

Franie is consumed by his new taste for human flesh. His merciless and brutal tactics in acquiring new food for Jonny to prepare are the things of nightmares. While the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office ended their search for his missing wife with no leads, Franie is searching for his next victim. He gets a sick pleasure from seeing the fear in the eyes of his prey and often plays a deadly game of cat and mouse on the haunted grounds. Just when safety feels within reach and the lights of Franklin become visible, Franie attacks again, ushering the poor wanderer back into the confines of the trailer park. Derelict houses built from materials of the surrounding landfill offer little protection for anyone trying to flee from Franie’s vengeful appetite. His blood soaked rain suit and crazed eyes have caused even the bravest of visitors to scream and beg for mercy at his hands.

Franie’s speed and familiarity with the woods make him one of the most lethal inhabitants of the trailer park. He surprises terrified hikers, attacking quickly and bringing the fresh harvest to Jonny to be prepared for the feeding frenzy. Any attempt to escape Franie is hopeless. He has been known to run down track stars with ease and takes special pleasure in removing their legs first. Older residents of Cudahy who remember Franie and Terry have their own ideas about her mysterious disappearance and often wonder if she was Franie’s first victim. Franie and Terry’s once welcoming house now stands abandoned, a haunting reminder of her tragic disappearance. Be warned, the flash of yellow farther down the haunted trail you thought you saw was not an illusion or one of Milwaukee’s taxis whizzing by. It is Franie, coming to gather new victims to join the army of the undead.

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