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Best Glendale Haunt Electrocutioner
Glendale Haunted House Electrocution Cannibal
Haunted House Glendale Cannibal Electrocutioner
Scariest Glendale Haunted House Electrocutioner

Evil Glendale Electrician Provides Haunted House Cannibals with "Well Done" Meat

Prior to the horrific accident, Rob was an electrician in nearby Glendale. He enjoyed climbing to the top of utility poles for repairs and admired the power of electricity. He fancied himself a modern day innovator and would often dabble in his own electrical “experiments” in his down time. The few people who knew of his experiments would hardly call them ethical. He often experimented on small animals and his neighbors avoided him at all costs. Eventually, complaints against Rob grew and became impossible to ignore. The mayor and the Glendale police department asked Rob to move. He begrudgingly complied, settling into a trailer park in nearby Franklin. Unfortunately for Rob, his relocation happened only days before the toxic sludge swallowed the trailer park. He rose from the ashes angry and vengeful. He continues his experiments but on a much larger scale. The trailer park’s inhabitants never learned his name and always call him The Electrocutioner.

After rising from the spill, Rob embraced his new title. The Electrocutioner vowed revenge on the outside world and all those who had driven him to the condemned park. He captures anyone who wanders too far into the haunted woods surrounding the park and uses them as his test subjects in his twisted electrical experiments. His favorite topic is trying to run enough electricity through a victim to power a freezer without killing them. If you end up on his experimental gurney, you’ll hope for a quick end. Unfortunately, The Electrocutioner likes to see outsiders suffer. Still bitter from his past exile, he takes no mercy on anyone from Glendale he gets his hands on. After his grisly tests are through, subjects are carted off to become the “well-done” option at the mutants’ feast.

The Electrocutioner’s maniacal laugh, mingled with the screams of his guinea pigs, creates an unsettling cacophony that echoes around the haunted park. On cool October nights, residents of Glendale claim to feel an evil presence watching them and experience a tingling sensation on the back of their neck. The mayor and police chief who confronted Rob hear a constant electrical buzz at all hours. Even today, the Glendale police station experiences random power outages, even though the rest of the town is seemingly unaffected.

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