Dark Heart

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Evil Circus Ringleader from Wauwatosa
Evil Wauwatosa Carnies in Circus
Wauwatosa Evil Carnie Leads Circus

Demonic Ringleader of Milwaukee's Haunted Carnival Leads Carnies in an Evil Circus

If you manage to make it off the scare lift, you’ll soon be greeted by the demonic Dark Heart, ringleader of the devils carnival. Once you enter CARNIvore, there’s no going back. Dark Heart used to be a salesman back before he became one of the carnies. He was quite successful too. He went door to door selling specialty cooking knives throughout Wauwatosa and he consistently posted top numbers. He was charming and many people bought from him simply because he had a way of drawing you in. He enjoyed his job and, after celebrating a great quarter of sales, he went out to celebrate. He ended up drinking way too much. He wandered into the surrounding woods and strayed too close to the haunted park. He was immediately captured by the mutant residents but, instead of being eaten, Beelzebub decided to save him for something special.

Beelzebub twisted the former salesman into Dark Heart, who quickly found his new calling as the ringleader of the demonic freak show. Twisted instead of charming, he now lures people into his carnival to join the cast of demons. There’s no escaping his pull, once you enter the threshold, you become one of them. If you can escape Dark Heart’s freak show, you might just make it onto the Midway. The horrors that await on the Midway will have you wishing you stayed in the mutants’ trailer park. Decapitated heads and murderous clowns prowl the dark, hiding in the shadows waiting to you make you one of their own. Dark Heart watches over it all, relishing the visceral fear of each visitor’s experience. He recommends you wear old shoes, since new ones end up stained with blood and dirt as you scramble to escape back to reality. Be warned, once you think you’re safe and some semblance of reality begins to appear, Dark Heart is still watching, waiting for you to return. Once you go in, you never truly escape his carnival.

When you’re walking through the Wauwatosa parkways, be aware if you hear any music playing. Dark Heart is constantly trying to gain new carnies and has composed a haunting melody to attract unsuspecting wanderers into his wicked carnival. It carries throughout the night and any people who try to discover the source of the haunting symphony end up lost in the woods to be snatched up by demonic carnies.

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