Bobby Skillsaw

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Milwaukee Haunted House Torture
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Haunted House Machinist from Shorewood Creates Diabolical Torture Devices

Bobby Skillsaw used to run his own knife making business in Shorewood before moving to what he thought would be a quiet house on the outskirts of Milwaukee to do contract work for Jonny Kay. Legend has it Bobby was working late on a specialty butcher knife for Jonny on the night of the chemical dump. Upset he never got to properly finish what was sure to be a masterpiece, Bobby now uses his unfinished creation to skin any unsuspecting people who wander too close to his workshop. Bobby is one the quickest inhabitants of the haunted trailer park and is known to chase down his targets. It is recommended you wear comfortable running shoes should you feel compelled to visit the haunted trailer park. Residents from all over the Milwaukee area are haunted by the clanging of his hammer on metal which can be faintly heard on quiet, cool October nights.

Even mutant hillbilly cannibals need tools, and Bobby works tirelessly on new and creative implements of terror. His metal creations haunt the dreams of the lucky few who have escaped his cursed house. The few Milwaukee residents who were fortunate enough to get away are never the same. A poor man from Whitefish Bay is so scarred by the experience he is unable to sleep for more than a few short minutes at a time before being violently jolted awake by nightmares of Bobby. Sometimes, he mumbles in his sleep about Bobby slowly and deliberately crafting a new twisted metal creation to torture trapped souls in the trailer park. Few are able to make it out alive and almost all fall victim to a failed escape attempt. Bobby and the guards ruthlessly punish any who try and inevitably fail to escape the haunted prison. They often turn them over to Beelzebub for enlistment as new members of the growing undead army, a grisly fate for any captured intruders.

Bobby’s blacksmith talents have only grown since the toxic dump. Confined within the walls of the trailer park, Bobby has spent countless hours working on new, horrific devices created to torture prisoners and failed escapees. The metallic sound of his hammer clanging away on new designs rings throughout the haunted park, like a twisted drum line, instilling a new dose of fear into the trapped souls of the haunted park. Occasionally, people living on the outskirts of Franklin and Oak Creek hear some of Bobby’s cacophony and tell their children, “It’s just thunder.” Determined to make each new creation more horrible than the last, Bobby is always looking for test subjects to see which of his new and upcoming mechanisms cause the most pain. His dream is creating a device to skin and fillet victims in one motion. “Volunteers” from Milwaukee and Waukegan are in high demand for his trial runs and Bobby will do anything to get his hands on one.

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