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Cannibal Moonshiner Haunts Wisconsin's Woods

A former resident of West Allis, Billy moved to the trailer park shortly after dropping out of high school to pursue what he called “chemistry.” Not long after his move, the trailer park community had a steady supply of the strongest moonshine in the Milwaukee area. Billy was never particularly friendly before the waste was dumped, but the toxic effects have made him vengeful. “Only the Good Die Young” was Billy’s favorite song and he intends to live a long time on the flesh of the good. His favorite prey is girls he can share some of his poison with. To top it off, the moonshine is said to have a strange taste, like gasoline and pork rinds. This may be because visitors to his storage shed in the haunted woods are never seen again and Billy is often spotted dragging bloody sacks over to Jonny Kay’s shop. For as much moonshine as he makes, Billy is not particularly good at working the distillery. The periodic explosions scare the crows and startle Ray’s dog, but the mutant residents are more than willing to put up with it for the moonshine.

Billy makes the most potent moonshine in Milwaukee County. He had plans to expand the distillery and put a down payment on a larger facility in Greenfield, but these dreams were cut short by the malicious toxic waste dump. Now, unable to complete his expansion project, Billy has turned to a new business practice to occupy his time. After rising and discovering his gruesome fate, Billy became angry and began brewing a stronger, poisonous brand of moonshine. Very secretive about the top secret recipe, he doesn’t take kindly to strangers. Give the haunted distillery a wide berth, lest you fall prey and become a taste tester of the specialty, poisonous moonshine. This is one house party you do not want to attend.

Should you feel compelled to gamble with your life, enter the haunted distillery. Be warned; the fumes alone from their toxic moonshine are enough to cause dizziness, nausea and confusion. Disoriented stumbling around their distillery leads to a deadly result, even if you are Milwaukee’s self-proclaimed drinking champion. Be careful if Billy starts to talk to you, he has a loud mouth and is eager to pick fights. He is very good at stalling for time until Franie or James arrive to turn the unwanted trespasser into something a little more appetizing, assuming, of course, the toxic moonshine fumes don’t finish you off first. If you manage to stumble out of the distillery into the mess of decrepit Milwaukee area haunted houses, you can rest assured Billy will eventually catch up to you. He still clings to his dream of opening a large brewery in nearby Greenfield and will hunt down anyone he suspects has made off with his top secret moonshine recipe, and he’s not keen on sharing.

Buy tickets for Milwaukee's top haunted house, The Hill Has Eyes, and don't drink the moonshine.