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Haunted St Francis
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Demonic Priest Leads Haunted House's Dark Rituals Deep in Wisconsin's Woods

Before coming to the trailer park, the wretch now known as Beelzebub went to seminary school in St Francis. He had always admired the striking beauty of the cathedrals scattered around Milwaukee. The Basilica of St. Josaphat was always his favorite and he had aspired to be a priest there. The faculty and other seminarians called him “too unstable” and his views on corporal punishment were “Byzantine and cruel.” He adopted the mantle Beelzebub and hid away in the trailer park on the outskirts of Franklin. There, he discovered the black arts and sought to rise The Demon to Earth. Beelzebub considers the chemical spill a blessing from Satan. He now commits the souls of the mutants’ human food to the depths of hell with no mercy. He has risen to be the leader of the satanic rituals happening in the haunted woods to harvest new souls and add them to the growing army of the undead.

The souls of the mutant cannibal hillbillies’ human food are quickly harvested by greedy, hungry Beelzebub. Summoning the devil himself through a dark ritual, the residents of the haunted trailer park revel in their depravity. He casts victims’ souls into turmoil as they join the undead army, turned into zombie slaves cursed to stay in the trailer park for all eternity. More powerful than any of the other zombie inhabitants, Beelzebub travels as a shadow into the downtown Milwaukee area. He avoids haunting houses, preferring to manifest himself in the shadows of the great Cathedrals he once loved while alive. Beelzebub now seeks to twist all that was once holy into the image of Lucifer. The deacons of St. Josephat’s Basilica speak of an unseasonable chill in the air during the month of October and shadows that appear to flit in and out of the deepest recesses of the premises. Once bathed in fire, the souls of the innocent belong forever to The Demon.

Eternally damned, Beelzebub now takes a cruel pleasure in luring others to the same fate, capturing souls of the weak and imprisoning them into an eternity of chaos and pain. Travelling through shadows and haunting Milwaukee’s cathedrals, Beelzebub tempts weak visitors especially from the nearby Franklin and Oak Creek communities to venture out to the haunted trailer park and abandon the safety of their homes forever. Leaving the “dirty work” to James and Jonny, Beelzebub delights in the screams and anguished cries of their victims, building to a crescendo of despair when he begins his ritual. Beelzebub is most active during October, around the anniversary of the accident that unleashed his true nature as a demonic beast. A visceral fear immediately grips anyone who is unfortunate enough to encounter Beelzebub in the haunted woods, and he takes full advantage of the momentary paralysis to trap the next sacrifices for his dark rituals. Scenes straight from Dante’s Inferno are the last thing Beelzebub’s victims in the hellish trailer park see.

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