Ash Manning

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Milwaukee Haunted House's Circus Funnyman Laughs while You Commit Unspeakable Acts

Ash Manning is one of the more recent victims who has become enslaved to Dark Heart in the demonic circus. Before his capture, Ash was a resident of Brookfield. He was active in many committees and loved to make people laugh. Ash had heard the rumors of The Hill but didn’t take them seriously. He was never a believer in the supernatural. Unfortunately, this lack of belief lead to his downfall. On the night of October 5th 2013, he was sitting around a bonfire with his neighbors. Stories began to get passed around and the mutants in the trailer park and the Devil’s Carnival came up. Ash brushed them off, insisting they were nothing but rumors made up by bored teenagers. He decided to put an end to the rumors once and for all by going to the hill himself. His neighbors warned him to not to, but the warnings fell on deaf ears. Ash left for The Hill and never returned.

Upon arriving at the decrepit park, Ash was more than surprised to see some small, ramshackle buildings and a junk yard scattered across the side of the hill. He was spooked enough and decided he should head back home. As he was turning to head back to Brookfield, he was spotted by James who was scavenging for supplies. Ash tried to run, but it was too late. He was captured and taken to center of the haunted trailer park. Just as they were about to feast, Dark Heart appeared and reminded the mutant cannibals he was in need of a new carnie. Reluctantly, they handed Ash over to Dark Heart to join the Devil’s Carnival. During cool October nights, especially around the time of his ill-fated journey, people in Brookfield claim to hear Ash joking about how The Hill is all a hoax.

The circus has taken a toll on Ash. No longer the jolly, agreeable man he was in life, he has become twisted and evil, like all those who join Dark Heart’s circus. He still likes to make people laugh, though his sense of humor has changed. Be warned, don’t stay and swap jokes with Ash for too long, because you never know what’s approaching from behind while Ash distracts you.

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